NGO „Centre of Social Responsibility“
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Centre of Social Responsibility is a non-profit and non-governmental organization registered in 2002, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The core target of the Centre is social services for socially isolated persons or the ones with highest social risk. Centre of Social Responsibility is involved in a line of social activities increasing common social responsibility in 2000 dollar loans for bad credit Lithuania, growing public spirit, public activity, public consciousness, develops educational, cultural and social projects that contribute to well-being of society of Lithuania. The Centre also collaborates with international organizations in terms of developing social responsibility, takes part in joint events, seminars, conferences.

The Centre initiates and implements social projects, collaborates in national and international 1 hour e loans ones too. The Centre has implemented over 10 long-term social projects since establishment oriented to high-risk social groups: seniors, motherless children, children that have faced violence, single parents, large families, victims of prostitution, asocial persons, socially isolated persons. The Centre is also involved in looking and selection of employees, organizing improvement of labor skills and ability of self-employment.
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Various public informational campaigns and trainings are carried out, groups of self-help are established, psychological help and assistance in recruitment is being provided, other continuous activities under collaboration with partners are in process.


NGO Centre of Social Responsibility

E-mail: info@sacentras.lt

Adress: Žalgirio st. 131, Vilnius, Lithuania

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